April 18, 2015

How To Get An Accelerated Nursing Degree Online

Individuals with a previous bachelor’s degree looking to enter the nursing field are wise to learn how to get an accelerated nursing degree online.

How To Get An Accelerated Nursing Degree Online vs. On-Campus

How To Get An Accelerated Nursing Degree OnlineAccelerated Nursing Programs are offered both in on-campus and distance learning formats. The programs are similar in they both offer an Accelerated BSN, take 12 to 18 months, and most require the same undergraduate prerequisites such as general education courses. In general, both types of programs are also very demanding and recommend students work less than 20 hours per week while completing coursework. Students researching how to get an accelerated nursing degree online should be aware that it isn’t an easy course to complete.

Online Accelerated Nursing Programs typically feature completely online prerequisite, pre-nursing, and nursing courses. Some online accelerated BSN programs enable students to complete clinical experiences at a medical facility close to their home. Students also usually have access to a variety of online resources and online simulated labs.

The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, University of Texas Arlington, and Marian University are examples of Accelerated Nursing Programs Online. Besides the online accelerated BSN program, the University of Wisconsin’s Oshkosh nursing school offers various nursing majors including two master’s degree programs.

Benefits of Online Accelerated Nursing Programs

Many top rated schools offer accredited online accelerated BSN programs to students. Accelerated nursing programs online have a wide range of benefits to students, including allowing them to finish their education quickly to move on with their nursing careers. They provide flexible course options to students with a busy schedule. Students are able to continue working in their current career while pursuing their education during a time that meet their needs. The convenience of having the ability to log on to courses any time of day allows students to maximum the time spent on coursework to ensure all of their life obligations are met. Many programs use state-of-the-art technology to provide innovative learning experiences that promote the best online education possible. Students have the ability to participate in online discussions and some programs enable them to use their clinical knowledge in virtual classrooms and laboratory environments. Some programs have features that allow students to progress through the program with a group of students to build strong relationships with classmates.

How to Find The Best Online Accelerated Nursing Programs and Financial Aid

Searching for online accelerated nursing programs can be a stressful task, as there various aspects to consider when learning how to get an accelerated nursing degree online. Students should look at a few schools and request additional information on the degree before making a decision. When looking at accelerated nursing programs online it is important to only consider programs that are accredited and most colleges and universities display the accreditation on their official website.

Another essential aspect to consider is the financial aid options to help pay for tuition and other expenses. Many schools offer scholarships and grants specifically to students pursuing online programs such as the Excellence in Online Education Scholarship.

Other important aspects to consider when learning how to get an accelerated nursing degree online include cost, online resources, instructor support, components of the school’s distance learning platform, and testimonials of other students.