May 3, 2015

How Much Does A Nurse Make?

How Much Does A Nurse Make?Aspiring nurses asking how much does a nurse make will be pleased to know that, with greater education and experience, salaries rise quickly within the profession.

Benefits Of A Nursing Degree

There are a number of options for students pursuing a nursing career. Many opt for an Accelerated Nursing Degree through a nursing program that finishes in two years. For the greatest possibilities in career advancement and salary, students may wish to complete the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree (BSN) at a nursing school such as the one at Duke University. Students interested in educating or working in management as a registered nurse may choose to earn a master’s in nursing at a school such as Johns Hopkins University.

How Much Does A Nurse Make: Details About Nursing Salaries

Being an RN offers deep benefits through helping people, but an RN degree also offers excellent salary potential that rises quickly with education, experience and job performance. For example, after graduating with an Accelerated Nursing Degree from a two-year college, nurses earn an average of $39,000 a year, but with time, they can earn an average of $47,000 annually. Those with a BSN Degree command an average of $73,000. And how much does a nurse make with master’s degree? You might be surprised at the answer: an average of $105,000 a year.

Attending an accredited school is essential for becoming licensed to work in the field. Going to a top school will prepare graduates to distinguish themselves in the workplace, helping them gain promotions and raises with time. Depending on union membership, workplace policy and job performance, nurses can generally expect raises at least annually after reviews, beginning after the first year of work at a new facility. Nurses can also earn higher wages by working the night shift. By gaining specialization in any of a wide variety of positions, such as neonatal nurse, clinical nurse specialist, certified nurse midwife or certified registered nurse anesthetist, nurses can earn significantly more money.

All of the above factors go into providing an answer to the question, “how much does a nurse make?”